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Soundclips, or rather the entire tunes
These songs are some of the recordings we did during a tremendous weekend in January 2013. Under the supervision of wellknown tromboneplayer Dicken Hedrenius, who also can be heard on some of the tunes, we played a lot and had equally lots of fun. The tunes are all recorded in the "mp3" format. Unfortunately Anders had the small recorder behind(!) his back when he sang The Stinger, hence the poor sound.

La Roulotte
This version of the tune was originally recorded by a favourite french band of ours, Hot Antic Jazz Band. Great solo by Dicken on slidetrumpet at the end of the piece.
I Got The Stinger
Jabbo Smith, a Louis Armstrong contemporary trumpetplayer, wrote the song. Nice interaction between Mats and Dicken.
Brush Stomp
This tune was written by the great trumpetplayer Natt Dominique, who recorded it with Johnny Dodd´s Chicago Footwarmers in 1927.

A small videosample..
This recording was made Saturday the 23rd of Novembre 2013 at Gamla Elverket in Falun, Sweden. Dicken Hedrenius was our guest and played a remarkable solo on his trombone. The recording was made by Peder Melin.


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