Blenda's Traditional Jazz Band
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Dicken Hedrenius, wellknown and ever so nice tromboneplayer, inspired us during a weekend in January 2013 at Tolvso Bergsmansgård i Söderbärke in the southwest part of Dalecarlia. (Dicken is the red and green guy)

Great success at Restaurant Louis in Stockholm, Octobre, 30th, The place was crowded when Blenda did one of her best performances ever!

The band in action at the same occasion.

Several times we have performed in Borlänge in what used to be a brewery, The Wasabryggeriet. A fantastic place for jazz concerts!

Blenda´s playing inside the Carl Larsson-gården, home/museum of the world famous Swedish painter, at a private party in September, 2007. What a suitable place for traditional jazz!

Concert at the Old Homestead Museum in Torsång, outside Borlänge, the end of July, 2007. The river Lillälven played the part of Mississippi for a few hours.

In July, 2007, the 17th International Meeting of Citroën 2CV Friends took place in Borlänge. Here posing after the concert, beside one of more than 2 000 2CV`s.

Playing at the annual art exhibition at "Tuppen" in Östanfors, Falun in 2005. "Tuppen" is the old etching-studio of Swedish painter Carl Larsson.

"The City Party" 2005 in Gävle, home town of pianoplayer Ingrid Nord.

Playing dance-music inside a chartered old-fashioned train (!), running to Grycksbo, near Falun.

Concert at the annual Jazz Fest at Café Slussvaktaren in Falun. Festive, folksy and full audience.

Inside m/s Slussbruden touring on lake Runn during the annual Jazz Fest in Falun.

Posing in Stora Torget (Grand Market) in Falun before the parade on the Jazz Fest 2002.

The annual Jazz Fest always starts with a parade through central Falun. On some occasions, we met with members of the local Salvation Army, joining forces and playing "When the Saints".

Jens 'Jesse' Lindgren joined us as mentor for a weekend in February, 2002 to impart to us his extensive knowledge of traditional jazz music. Good humour, good music and good food.

Trumpeter Anders proudly pointing at a sticker with the Blenda logo on Bourbon Street i New Orleans in 1999.

The band in front of Preservation Hall in New Orleans, spring 1999.

Newspaper review from the Creole Night in 1998, one of many at Scandic Hotel in Falun. Successful and crowded events with top orchestras as guests. The main attraction on this occasion was Jesse´s New Orleans Band, whom also suitably recorded the album "Real Live" on the well known label YaYa records.

Concert at restaurant Lilla Gourmet in Falun, March 1989, with eminent clarinetist/soprano saxophonist Janne Åkerman on visit.

The first guest performance of internationally renowned trumpeter Bent Persson in February, 1988. We were extremely happy to have him coming to us rehearsing throughout a weekend. Something he has been kind to do a couple of more times after that. On this occasion he joined us in a concert at restaurant Pelles Krog.

Concert at the Old Homestead Museum, at the 5th anniversary of the Askersund Trad Jazz Festival, 1987.

Newspaper-review from November, 1983. One of the first public performances of Blenda´s. The main attraction was the duo Kesselofski & Fiske with some burlesque numbers from the English Music Hall-tradition

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