Blenda's Traditional Jazz Band
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Per, Mats, Sven-Erik, Ingrid, Eva, Anders, Björn.

The History, short...
The idea of forming a band, playing traditional jazz music was Björn Carlborg´s when his former playmates from the college years, returned to their home town after studying, marrying and other worldly matters. By and by the shape of a band started appearing with Björn playing the clarinet, Mats the double bass, Sven-Erik an old valve trombone, Per Mittjas playing the piano, Eva Hammarsten the washboard and Per Hamne and/or Lasse Roddar playing the banjo.
"Trial-and-Error Jazz Band" would have been a proper name at the time…
Anders Bength moved back to Falun from studies and work elsewhere, preceded by a reputation as an eminent Armstrong interpreter, which turned out to be true. Per Mittjas moved to Lapland and the black and white keys was now under the regime of Captain Billow, alias Janne Norén. Mats bought a trombone and Sven-Erik a secondhand tuba. Blenda´s Traditional Jazz Band was born!
Blenda is actually the original brand of the washboard.
Janne moved to the south of Sweden and the piano-stool from then is occupied by Ingrid Nord, the only classically and theoretically educated musician in the band, still having a big heart for traditional jazz music.
For almost 30 years now we have spent equally many thousand hours having great fun, married and settled down, practiced and performed, having kids, bought cars, having more fun, practiced, performed, bought new cars, practiced, attending jazz festivals, spending a lot of time having even more fun together.
The band has been a major part of our lives and we still love it!

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Anders Bength - Trumpet
Björn Carlborg - Clarinet
Eva Hammarsten - Washboard
Ingrid Nord - Piano
Mats Hammarsten - Trombone
Per Hamne - Banjo
Sven-Erik Roos - Tuba

Read more about us here!

Blenda's Traditional Jazz Band • • Tel:+46 23 17235 (Björn Carlborg)